My philanthropic projects

Foundation L. Donato per Monasterio

I am honored to have co-founded the Fondazione Luigi Donato per Monasterio alongside other dedicated entrepreneurs. Together, we have established a philanthropic foundation that supports the Monasterio hospital in Italy, a renowned institution for treating cardiovascular diseases in infants and adults.

As a founding member and member of the board of directors, I am deeply committed to furthering the hospital's mission and contributing to the advancement of medical research in this critical field.

Our foundation is privileged to have the esteemed Football World Champion Marco Tardelli serve as the President of our board.

Armando Romeo and Marco Tardelli

Supporting young entrepreneurs

"Giving is not a duty but a privilege"

John D. Rockefeller Jr.

My philanthropy effort revolves around giving people equal opportunities to thrive in life. I believe everything starts with free access to high quality education.

Every week I offer 1 hour of my time, completely for free, to a new founder under 30. Whether they want to validate a business idea or are already post-revenue, I make myself and my experience available.

The goal is to help a new generation of entrepreneurs succeed at building companies that will positively impact society.

Please write to armando {@}, explaining how you think I can be of help and what you are trying to accomplish (due to the number of requests, I might not be able to accommodate your request).

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